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    Telphone:021-55800737 | Email:shanghai@asia-tank.com 中文 | English
    1. The Company undertakes the end-to-end sea and air transportation forwarding for imports and exports and maintains good cooperation relations with many ship-owners such as HDS, SASCO, FESCO, HMM, SITC, MCC, MAERSK, CMA/CGM, and CSCL. 

    2. The Company offers a complete set of storage services, featured by non-regulatory warehouse and 50,000m2 conveniently-situated container yard at Luchao Port and Waigaoqiao, closely connecting with Luchao Port Railway Terminal and adjoining Yangshan Deep-Water Port.

    3. The Company owns over 30 container trucks, providing customers with the delivery service nationwide, relying on the transportation network covering Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Shanghai as well as the railway container terminals nationwide.

    4.The Company helps customers to deal with customs clearance and commodity inspection services within Shanghai Free Trade Zone and at various ports in China.

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